Sheridan Façade Improvement Grant

The purpose of the Sheridan Facade Improvement Grant (SFIG) Matching Program is to encourage efforts to improve the aesthetic appearance of the Town of Sheridan’s Main Street.  The focus of this program is encouragement of and assistance for business property owners in making improvements to their business property facades and, in turn, for helping stimulate the business environment of Sheridan’s Main Street.

The guidelines are the first step for seeking a grant.  The guidelines contain eligibility, requirements, and details outlining expectations for a business owner’s project being funded by a grant.

The preview is  a PDF of the online application that will be sent via email to an applicant who has submitted the SFIG Interest Inventory.  The purpose of the preview is so potential applicants can assess if they are interested in filing an official application.  This preview is view only and may not be used for officially applying.

The Planning Sheet is a view only document that serves as an owner’s self-assessment as to readiness for applying for a grant.  After reviewing the Planning Sheet and assessing that most of the indicators are true for the owner’s current situation, an owner will then submit the SFIG Interest Inventory.

The preview is a PDF of the online interest inventory so an owner may see what questions will be addressed through the official submission.    Official submission is through the active link below.  Owners will complete the Inventory and submit.  The SFIG Organization Committee will, upon receipt of the Inventory, contact the person completing the Inventory.  The Organization Committee sends via email an invite to officially apply, including an electronic application that may be submitted online or may be printed, completed, and delivered to Sheridan’s Municipal Building.