Public Safety

Public Safety

Police Department

Fire Department

Animal Control

Sheridan Police Department

506 S. Main Street Sheridan, Indiana 46069

Tony Craig
Chief of Police
Email: [email protected]

Department Info

Master Police Officers:
Officer Coy Monroe
Officer Kevin Garrison
Officer Bob Shock

Police Officers:
Officer Kailey Dugan-Meltzer
SRO Luke Thifault

Administrative Assistant:
Emily Davis

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Sheridan Police Department to provide a quality of service to our community that others will want to emulate. That service should be impartial, lawful and professional, while being guided ethically with integrity and morality. We will be committed to protecting the Sheridan community members by reducing crime, fear of crime and enforcing the law, while improving upon trust and collaboration the residents of Sheridan. We shall continuously strive to improve the Department and the total quality of life for the people of Sheridan and ourselves, as well as the state of Indiana and this great nation we serve.

Sheridan Fire Department

David W. Kinkead
Fire Commissioner
Email: [email protected]

Travis Stern
Fire Chief
Email: [email protected]

Todd Inman
Assistant Fire Chief
Email: [email protected]

Full Time Employees

Jason Renner – Lieutenant Firefighter / EMT
Captain Brian Harwood – Firefighter / EMT
Craig Owens – Firefighter / EMT
Andrew Pasquale – Firefighter / EMT
Logan Rader- Firefighter / EMT
Trentyn Robinson – Firefighter / EMT
Ryan Scholer – Firefighter / EMT
Jeremy Stewart – Firefighter / EMT
Darren B. Study – Civilian Paramedic
Michael Carr – Part-time EMS Administrator

1977 Pension Board

Silas DeVaney III, Town Council President
Travis Stern, Fire Chief
Brian Harwood
Todd Inman
Andrew Pasquale
Jason Renner

About the Fire Department

The Sheridan Fire Department (SFD) is devoted to serving the community and to the safety and well-being of those who live here. Each 24-hour shift is staffed by three full-time personnel with the assistance of a dedicated volunteer force and supervision from the Sheridan Fire Chief. Fire, Ambulance and Rescue Services are not only provided to Sheridan’s 3,000 residents, but protection is also supplied to the remainder of Adams Township, as well as Marion Township in Boone County – covering 95 square miles! Added to this, SFD has Mutual Aid Agreements with neighboring fire departments to further strengthen the emergency services available. SFD has provided fire and EMS coverage to other Hamilton, Boone, Clinton & Tipton County areas as requested, while even providing tanker services to areas as far

Sheridan Animal Control

Sheridan’s Animal Control department is an integral part of the town’s efforts to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all. The department serves both residential and commercial customers within its jurisdiction, providing quality care for the pet population. They are dedicated to protecting the public from animal-related hazards while promoting the humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership. Additionally, they work closely with local animal shelters, rescue organizations, and veterinary clinics to ensure that pets find their way to safety or loving homes. From spay/neuter programs to lost pet reunification services, Sheridan Animal Control is committed to ensuring that pets are taken care of in all aspects of their lives while contributing to the overall vibrancy of the community.